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Charter Enterprises was established in 1985 to fill a need for cast iron products needed by related companies owned by the Huang family in Taiwan. Charter has since diversified to fill a growing overseas demand in sheet metal products, iron, brass, aluminum and stainless castings, (produced in our in-house foundries), porcelain enamel coatings and valve manufacturing. Our finished products include BBQ accessories, fire pits, stainless BBQs, and a variety of commercial kitchen equipment items.

Our factories are all located within two hours outside of Shanghai, China. We are proud to announce our latest opening and partnership with the largest stainless steel producer in China, as this new factory will facilitate many advantages to American businesses. We believe that not only will this secure future supplies of stainless and other metals, but will offer an extreme price advantage as the location of our newest factory is contiguous to the main steel producing facility.

In total, Charter's facilities encompass over 1,000,000 sq. ft. in six locations. Each facility is dedicated to a certain mission or product group. In 2004, Charter Enterprises produced over 130,000 barbecues and we are proud to say that most of our clients are not direct competitors. We selectively look for niche market opportunities.

Charter deliberately controls its growth at a steady level, devoting its attention to high quality standards and customer satisfaction. We offer a wide variety of services including Auto CAD drawings and 3D imaging. We work directly with CSA, UL, and ETL on ANSI approval issues and certifications. We are able to prototype using the latest CNC equipment and we offer most of our engineering services stateside for faster and more controllable results. 

We look forward to opening dialogue with your company and are grateful for the inquiry. Of course, all correspondence is held in the highest confidence as we evaluate your outsourcing requirements.


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